Alfalfa is a  3-to-5 year crop that is an excellent source of protein. It is the most drought-tolerant legume and does not thrive under wet conditions. As a legume, it fixes its own nitrogen but utilizes a lot of potassium. Its fiber is not as digestible as grasses, so adding late heading grasses to alfalfa improves the feeding qualities of alfalfa and reduces weeds and insect pressure.

King’s AgriSeeds has selected these premium alfalfas for forage quality, persistence, and yield performance. They all have excellent leaf to stem ratios, impressive disease resistance, yield and winter hardiness. These products are the latest superior varieties on the market. Put these alfalfas to work on your farm by choosing those most adapted to your management and soils. You will be pleased with both performance in the field and in the barn.

Alfalfa Seeding Rate: 18-22 lbs/A.

All KingFisher Alfalfas are pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

About Hybrid Alfalfas

What does fall dormancy of alfalfa really mean?
Hay and Forage Grower, March 2016

Alfalfa Nematode Resistance Ratings 

Our KingFisher alfalfa products are well-protected from nematode problems.

R=Resistant (31-50%)
HR= High Resistant (>50%)
NA=Information Not Available

Secure-BR R HR HR
Profusion-2HX HR HR R
Enhancer II R HR NA
Traffic Pro HR HR R
SN Stem Nematode
NRKN Northern Root-knot Nematode
SRKN Southern Root-knot Nematode


Watch “Growing Clover for Forage”

Herd brand broadcast seeders are easily adaptable and do an excellent job spinning on clover seed.
Herd brand broadcast seeders are easily adaptable and do an excellent job at frost-seeding.

White Clovers

White clover is the backbone legume of grazing systems, and it can be mixed with other species in high moisture hay systems. It spreads by rhizomes, which are root shoots that run below the soil surface and send up new plant shoots. The quality of white clover is very high. It will not lignify in hot weather like alfalfa, red clover and grasses. Like other legumes, white clover fixes its own nitrogen and will help supply nitrogen to other plants. White clover thrives under warm, moist conditions. Droughts, however, can be hard on white clover stands.
White clover seeding rate: 2-4 lbs/A.
If seed is not coated, must be inoculated with N-Dure or Prevail Inoculant for Clover.

Other Perennial Clovers & Mixes

If not coated or pre-inoculated, must be inoculated with N-Dure or Prevail Inoculant for clover

Other Legumes

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