Clover Pollinator Mix

A Blend of 7 different clovers, designed to provide constant blooms over the growing season. The consistent blooming will help to draw in beneficial insects and other pollinators. Used in a honey producing setting.

This mix contains annual, biennial and perennial clovers, so year 1,2 and 3 will all look different

Clover Pollinator Mix Tech Sheet


  • 25% White Sweet Clover 2
  • 5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • 16.7% Medium Red Clover
  • 8.3% Ladino Clover
  • 8.3% Crimson Clover
  • 8.3% Balansa Clover
  • 8.3% Dutch White Clover

Recommended seeding rate: 5-12 lb/A

Best planted late summer for best spring bloom


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