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King’s AgriSeeds makes every effort to support our organic and sustainable customers with superior seed genetics, a full cover crop line, and technical agronomic expertise based on a wealth of experience specific to organic rotations. We want to give you these tools to help you build a strong, resilient rotation that can thrive without chemical inputs, while promoting effective land stewardship. We advocate longer, more complex and diverse rotations, which helps manage weeds, fertility and pests by adding a crop instead of a chemical.

We work closely with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the No-till Alliance, and others to educate growers about soil health and conservation practices like planting year-round covers, buffers near waterways, proper manure management, minimizing tillage, and working perennial crops into their rotations.

The following is our organic lineup. (Many of our conventional products are also available untreated)


Conventional 3.6 maturity bean with excellent yield potential. Has performed very well in Penn State. Recommended planting population: 140-175k.

360 SB Soybeans Tech Sheet

High quality purple flower forage pea. Can be planted in spring or fall. Small seed size. Good to mix with spring oats, spring triticale, or spring barley for high quality, highly digestible feed. Recommended seeding rate: 80-100 lbs/A.

4010 Peas Tech Sheet

An early season gene 6 BMR forage sorghum with good standability and dry down. It is a little earlier than AF 7201 in maturity, but similar in plant height. It has very sweet stalks and is a good choice for boot stage or soft dough harvests. 82-85 days to soft dough stage. Recommended seeding rate: for direct harvest – 80K/A; for cut and wilt at boot stage – 25 lbs/A.

AF7101 Tech Sheet

organic seed - forage sorghum seeds- King's AgriSeeds

A high-yielding, taller oat with a high test weight. Recommended seeding rate: 95-130 lb/A.

Deon Oats Tech Sheet

A millet that can be used for forage or summer cover crop. It does better in wet soils than many of the other summer annuals. Fast growth and a fibrous root system makes it an excellent cover crop. It has a finer stem than pearl millet and sorghum and makes high quality forage for grazing or hay. Recommended seeding rate: 20 lb/A.

Japanese Millet Tech Sheet

A taller oat for forage or cover crop. Recommended seeding rate: 100-130 lb/A.

Jerry Oats Tech Sheet 

This new exclusive KingFisher hybrid is very quick growing and high yielding with a dry stalk for ease of drydown. Stems are finer and sweeter than many sorghum-sudans. The higher leaf to stem ratio ensures quality grazing or feed. Digestibility of this hybrid is increased due to the reduction in lignin from the BMR trait, increasing daily gains or milk production significantly. Recommended seeding rate: 40-50 lbs/A.

KF SugarPro 55SS Tech Sheet

Small seeded buckwheat for cover crop programs. Excellent smother crop, quick summer growth for brief planting windows in the rotation. Not suited for grain or attracting pollinators. Recommended seeding rate: 25-35 lbs/A.

Organic Seed - buckwheat - King's AgriSeeds

Buckwheat for cover crop programs. Excellent smother crop, quick summer growth for brief planting windows in the rotation. Recommended seeding rate: 25-35 lbs/A.

Happy buckwheat bloom DSC_0705

Trical 815 is a leafy triticale that is ideally suited to high quality forage production for lactating dairy cows and finishing beef. Its leaf to stem ratio is quite high. It is excellent at uptaking and assimilating large amounts of nitrogen, making it a top choice for managing manure waste nutrients over the winter. Recommended seeding rate: 100-150 lb/A.

Trical 815 Tech Sheet

A high-yielding, early maturity oat with a high test weight. Good for grain or forage. Short stature makes for excellent stand-ability.  Makes great straw. Recommended seeding rate: 150 lbs/A for forage; 80-100 lb/A for cover crop.

Badger Oats Tech Sheet

A medium maturity, taller, high yielding oat variety. Good overall disease resistance. Earlier than Jerry Oats for fast forage or grain. Recommended seeding rate: 95-130 lb/A; 80-100 lb/A for cover crop.

Reeves Oats Tech Sheet

An early maturing, shorter oat.  Excellent high yielding grain oat.  Developed in IL in 2015


  • 3.0 Fall Dormancy
  • 2.2 Winter Survival
  • 27/30 Disease Rating

organic 309 alfalfa

  • 5.0 Fall Dormancy
  • 2.5 Winter Survival
  • 30/30 Disease Rating

organic 489 alfalfa


A short lived, lower cost red clover. Red clover is more drought tolerant and productive than white clover, but not quite as high quality. Use some of each for grazing. Red clover is more tolerant of wet soils and lower pH than alfalfa. Recommended seeding rate: 4-20 lbs/A.

Organic Common Medium Red Clover is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Common Medium Red Clover Tech Sheet

Organic Seed

A winter hardy, European crimson clover

Diogene crimson clover

The outstanding healthiness of the variety is shown in best resistance characteristics against anthracnose of clover and mildew

Harmonie Red Clover


A quick growing, large leaf clover.  Include with pasture seeding or overseed into pastures

A single cut red clover that is best for cover cropping applications. It is a high biomass producer and excellent for nitrogen fixation. It is best planted as a cover crop. Mammoth is more vigorous and tolerant of acidic soils than other clovers, and can reach up to three feet in maturity. Recommended seeding rate: 4-20 lbs/A.

Mammoth is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

A mixture of our best perennial clovers. Contains approximately 50% Freedom! Red Clover, 25% Alice White Clover and 25% Regalgraze Ladino Clover. Great for frost seeding, inter- seeding pastures and thinning alfalfa fields. Can also be used to complement many of our all grass mixtures. Recommended seeding rate: 4-6 lbs/A.

Premium Clover Mix is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Premium Organic Clover Mix Tech Sheet

Organic Seed - 3 way clover mix starting - King's AgriSeeds

Renegade is an erect, early flowering, double-cut red clover with improved resistance to southern anthracnose and downy mildew. Renegade is classified as semi-dormant in winter growth habit, and provides more grazing than Ladino clover during hot summer months. Recommended seeding rate: 4-20 lbs/A.

Renegade is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Renegade Red Clover Tech Sheet

Trials show that small leaved white clover is most persistent in permanent pastures under grazing management. Rivendel is a small-leaved very persistent variety. It has short rhizomes and short leaf growth, which makes it suitable for both cattle and sheep farming as it tolerates close grazing and maintains a high proportion of clover in the sward. In several trails though out Europe, Rivendel has shown its excellent resistance against strong and cold winter conditions. It has a good distribution of DM yields throughout the season and years with high relative yields compared to the standard variety in 3rd. and following years. Recommended seeding rate: 2-5 lbs/A.

Rivendel is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Rivendel White Clover Tech Sheet

This lot is a blend of a ladino type and and intermediate type of white clover.

Ladino White Clover Tech Sheet

Good for cover crop use; not recommended for forage use. Deep tap root. Helps break up compacted soils. Recommended seeding rate: 15-25 lbs/A.

Yellow Blossom Sweetclover must be inoculated with an alfalfa/sweetclover type inoculant for best nitrogen fixation.

Yellow Blossom Sweetclover Tech Sheet


Perun is a tetraploid variety of festulolium, Italian ryegrass type but with better persistence. The yield is high with relatively high sugar contents. Perun is utilized for silage as pure crop or in mixture with other grasses like perennial ryegrass, tall fescue types of festulolium and red clover. In such mixtures, Perun participates with high dry matter yield – especially in the 1st and 2nd harvest year – with very good quality. Recommended seeding rate: 30-40 lbs/A.

Perun Festulolium Tech Sheet

Meadow Fescue

high yielding and high quality.  Does not get heady in summer

A top performing variety with strong early growth.

Liherold Meadow Fescue Tech Sheet

An improved Europe variety


HUSAR is a mid-late variety with excellent yield especially in the first cut.

A European leafy late-maturing variety

Perennial Forage Mixtures

Superior winter hardiness along with high palatability and quality describe this mix that will perform well on heavier soils. An excellent mix for soils that tend to be on the wetter side but will also tolerate drought well.

Organic Dairy Green is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best legume nitrogen fixation.

Organic Dairy Green Tech Sheet

Best uses: Grazing & baleage/haylage
Seeding Rate: 25 to 35 lbs/A
Product Formula: 42% Meadow Fescue
31% Perennial Ryegrass
13% Premium Timothy
8% Red Clover
6% White Clover

Organic Seed - King's AgriSeeds

An all grass mix that will give both high quality forage and yield across many soils. Can be seeded alone or with the legumes of your choice. Use the large box for the grasses and the small box for the legumes.

Organic Partner Tech Sheet

Best uses: Dry hay, baleage & haylage
Seeding Rate: 20 to 30 lbs/A without a legume
3 to 8 lbs/A with legumes.
NOTE: Reduce legume seeding rate by 25 to 50% from pure stand.
Product Formula: 60% Kora Tall Fescue
25% Late-maturing Orchardgrass
15% European/Premium Timothy

Organic Seed - All grass mix from King's AgriSeeds

Star is a well balanced grass clover mixture that is excellent for both grazing and baleage. This mixture will handle soil variability very well, although it is designed more for good-to-drier soils.

Organic Star is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Organic Star Tech Sheet

Best uses: Grazing & Baleage/Haylage
Seeding Rate: 25 to 30 lbs/A
Product Formula: 37% Late-heading Orchardgrass
27% Perennial Ryegrass
17% Meadow Fescue
7% Red Clover
6% White Clover
6% Premium Timothy


This new all grass mix is primarily designed to be seeded as a stand alone crop to be fed to horses, dry cows, heifers or even milking cows. Also a great complement for new alfalfa and/or clover seedings. Includes: 2 premium late heading orchardgrasses, and one early timothy along with a late timothy to throw a few timothy heads over multiple cuttings for hay marketing purposes. Put your legume in the small box and seed this grass mix in the large box.

Sale Topper Tech Sheet

Best uses: Dry hay, baleage and haylage
Seeding Rate: 15 to 20 lb/A as a stand alone seeding
5 to 10 lb/A with a new seeding of alfalfa and/or clover (reduce legume seeding rate by 25 to 50%)
Product Formula: 80% Late Maturing Orchardgrass
20% European/Premium Timothy

Organic Seed - All Grass Mix - King's AgriSeeds

Ryegrass – Italian, Intermediate

AstonCrusader is an intermediate tetraploid variety that produces a very high total annual yield with extraordinary early spring growth. Combined with excellent disease resistance, AstonCrusader is a top ryegrass variety.

Astoncrusader Annual Ryegrass Tech Sheet

KingFisher logoA tetraploid-diploid blend of European bred Italian Ryegrasses. If seeded in the spring in cooler climates it will make several cuttings per year of very high quality forage. Avoid droughty and/or low fertility soils. Recommended seeding rate: 35-45lbs/Acre. Seeding Depth 1/4″

Allegro Blend Ryegrass Tech Sheet

Storm combines the early spring growth and yield potential of Italian ryegrass with the quality, persistence and disease resistance of perennial ryegrass. Similar to a festulolium. Recommended seeding rate: 30-40 lbs/A.

Ryegrass – Perennial

Premium is an intermediate heading diploid variety that does well under lower nitrogen fertility. Superior winter and summer hardiness, strong spring growth. Recommended seeding rate: 40-50 lbs/A.

Premium Perennial Ryegrass Tech Sheet

High sugar late maturing tetraploid with excellent productivity.

Kentaur Perennial Rye Tech Sheet

A late heading winter hardy European tetraploid type with high sugars. This variety has been in our test plots and looks super. It has early production even though it is late heading. We have been impressed with its density and how it takes the summer heat. Tivoli will work great to mix in with alfalfa in deeper soils. Tivoli is included in many of our pasture mixes. Recommended seeding rate: 40-50 lbs/A.


Ryegrass – Diploid-Tetraploid Perennial Blend

KingFisher logoA tetraploid-diploid blend of European bred Perennial Ryegrasses. An excellent choice for overseeding pastures as part of a regular maintenance program. Perennial ryegrass, if seeded by itself, should be planted in cooler climates on fertile moist soils. Recommended seeding rate: 35-45 lbs/A.

TD Blend Perennial Ryegrass Tech Sheet

Tall Fescue

A late, very high-yielding hay type tall fescue with improved digestibility. We do not recommend Kora for grazing dairy cows, but highly recommended for dairy-quality haylage. NDFd 72.8 at 48 hours. Great on less than ideal soils. Kora has impressed us with very high yields about everywhere we put it. In a Cornell trial it was #1 out of 48 tall fescues for a combination of yield and quality in two out of three locations. Kora works well mixed with alfalfa and helps it dry easier. Recommended seeding rate: 35-45 lbs/A.

Kora Tall Fescue Tech Sheet

Organic Seed - Kora Tall Fescue - King's AgriSeeds

A soft-leaf, improved European tall fescue. Lipalma has great sward density and rust resistance. Shows a good yield distribution over all cuts. Recommended seeding rate: 35-45 lbs/A.


The old standard variety for the Northeast USA. Mid maturity. (Not certified). Recommended seeding rate: 10-15 lbs/A.

Climax Tech Sheet

A high yielding, persistent hay type European variety

Dolina Tech Sheet

An intermediate European timothy. Stable yield throughout the season, dense sward. Recommended seeding rate: 10-15 lbs/A.


Corn Hybrids

King’s AgriSeeds offers organic corn hybrids in both it’s KingFisher and Masters Choice lines.

Click Here to see our Corn Page


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