We have been focusing on high quality forages since 1993. We specialize in perennial and annual mixtures designed for your backyard and offer a full line of improved varieties from around the world selected for local performance.

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Cover Crops


Cover crops are rapidly gaining popularity for many uses ranging from no-till grain production to organic farming. No-till farmers are finding that cover crops are a major key to successful transition and continual productivity.

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Livestock-Focused Corn


Our floury hybrids are unique to the industry. They fit into two major use areas: The first is livestock feed as either corn silage or digestible grain. The second major use of is for the grain pipeline.

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Industrial Hemp

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp has become a fast growing segment in agriculture. King’s is partnering with industry leaders to bring high quality hemp products to the east coast, with Grain, Fiber and CBD hemp varieties.

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What our customers are saying…

I wish I had a hundred acres to put Triticale Plus on; I would need no hay or other winter feed. Annuals have become an important component in extending nearly year round grazing for me. It also lets us keep our numbers up knowing we will have extra high quality grazing. The advantage is in quality of feed combined with cost as well as low labor, as compared to feeding hay or other stored feed. “

-Chuck Benhoff, Farmville, VA