Perennial Mixtures

King’s AgriSeeds, in conjunction with our dealer network and comments from many of you, has developed several premium perennial forage mixtures adapted to the Middle Atlantic and Northeast. All of these mixtures have great potential to make high quality forage.

Selecting the best fit for your farm is primarily based on soil type and harvest methods. However, livestock needs, fertility inputs and other factors should also be considered.

It is also possible to blend some of our mixtures together to increase species diversity. Just make sure your selections are adapted to both your soils and harvest system. For example, if you have variable soils and you intend to machine harvest, combining our Performance Max and Lowland Hay would be a good choice.

For seeding, just layer the two mixtures and hand mix in the large box as you fill the drill. Larger orders can be custom mixed by Kings. Note: Contents of our mixtures may vary due to variety availability. Percentages are by weight and do not account for impurities. We suggest that you save your seed tags for precise contents of your seedings.

Mixes containing legumes are pre-inoculated (as part of the seed coating) with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

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King’s All Grass Mixtures

King’s Grass/Alfalfa Mixtures

King’s Grass/Clover Mixtures

Myco Seed Treat (MST)

Many of our perennial mixes come pre-treated with Myco Seed Treat, and it is also sold separately. Myco Seed Treat (commonly referred to as MST) is a dry blend of plant-beneficial bacteria and fungi (including Mycorrhizae) accompanied by a nutrient package to support them during their initial stages of growth. These microorganisms contribute to increased soil nutrient cycling, as well as increased productivity.

Myco Seed Treat

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