Sale Topper

This new all grass mix is primarily designed to be seeded as a stand alone crop to be fed to horses, dry cows, heifers or even milking cows. Also a great complement for new alfalfa and/or clover seedings. Includes: 2 premium late heading orchardgrasses, and one early timothy along with a late timothy to throw a few timothy heads over multiple cuttings for hay marketing purposes. Put your legume in the small box and seed this grass mix in the large box.

Also available in Certified Organic. 

Sale Topper Tech Sheet

Best uses: Dry hay, baleage and haylage
Seeding Rate: 15 to 20 lb/A as a stand alone seeding
5 to 10 lb/A with a new seeding of alfalfa and/or clover (reduce legume seeding rate by 25 to 50%)
Product Formula: 80% Late Maturing Orchardgrass
20% European/Premium Timothy

Best Performance in Good-to-Drier soils