KingFisher & Red Tail Corn Hybrids

KingFisher & the traited Red Tail Corn Hybrids are focused on forage and grain-feeding types of corn hybrids.  We focus on hyrids that excell in the characteristics that make better forage and feed (silage and grain.)

To help you, the farmer/livestock producer, choose the hybrids that best fit your goals for feed, our hybrids are rated for NDF and starch digestibly, in addition to the agronomic traits.  This approach also helps our seed team


develop a cropping plan for your farm.  Think of it as a three legged stool: Agronomic Performance, Grain Yield and Feeding performance.  Together they make a strong dependable base to build upon and rely on – no matter what the growing conditions are.

  • FiberGest – what we call NDFd, is a major focus as the KingFisher and Red Tail team chooses the lineup for silage.  We retain a laboratory to analyze the hybrids we are considering.  A higher NDFd number is better because the cow will get more out of the silage she is fed.
  • SofStarch – Ranks hybrids for corn grain that will be more digestible in the rumen and small intestine.  Corn starch digests faster than corn NDF.  We use multiple time points to measure the fast and slow availability starch digestion pools.

KingFisher hybrids are available both treated and untreated.

Check out the 2024 Corn Guide to find the hybrids best fit for you!

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