EquiFlex Forage

This mixture is designed for the dry baling enthusiasts. Bale dry hay in 3 days or less! No waxy cuticles on the cut hay will contribute to less tedding and raking, making this hay mix a pleaser. This mixture is thoughtfully designed with five components to dry down easy. High yielding Potato Leaf Hopper Alfalfa balanced with Inavale & Echelon Orchardgrass that will persist well. Meadow Brome, which is early maturing but holds quality well and is drought tolerant and persistent. A small amount of early maturing Timothy is also included.

pH range—prefers soils that are 6.0 and higher.

Cutting Management: Cut leaving a 3-4 inch stubble height.

Stand Life:

With good management and proper soils, This mixture should last a 3-7 years. Consistent early harvest of the alfalfa will shorten the alfalfa stand life, to make it last long-er, let alfalfa fully mature.

Traffic Tolerance:
Good. Grasses are more tolerant than the alfalfa.

EquiFlex Forage

Product Formula

  • 30% Meadow Brome
  • 25% PLH 544 Alfalfa
  • 20% Inavale Orchardgrass
  • 20% Echelon Orchardgrass
  • 10% Timothy (early maturing)


  • Dry Hay: Excellent
  • Haylage/Balage: Excellent


  • Use the large seedbox of the drill
  • Seeding Rate: 20-30lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: Shallow -No Deeper than 1/4”
  • Speed: Alfalfa, and the grasses will emerge quickly. Grasses are slower to establish but should live long with proper management.

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