EquiFlex Forage

An easy-to-dry hay mix of high-quality species designed for horse hay producers looking for a product, EquiFlex Forage both looks exceptional for resale and performs well in the field. The mix handles a variety of soil conditions and is in general an early maturing mix. This trait allows the species to regrow before extreme heat sets in.

Soil Adaptation: Tolerates variable soils, Wet-Poor. Orchardgrass and meadow brome do not like wet soil.

pH range—prefers soils that are 6.0 and higher.

Cutting Management: Cut leaving a 3-4 inch stubble height. Orchardgrass yields, regrowth and persistence will decrease with short cuttings. Do NOT cut short.

Grazing Management: Turn livestock in when about 8-10inches of growth and remove when 3-4 inches remains. Have paddocks designed to get all livestock on and off with a maximum of 3 days.

Stand Life: With good management and proper soils, This mixture should last a 4-7 years. Overgrazing can be very hard on Orchardgrass persistence.

Traffic Tolerance: Very Good.

EquiFlex Forage

Product Formula

  • 27% Olathe Orchardgrass
  • 26% Inavale Orchardgrass
  • 17% Arsenal Meadow Brome
  • 7% Balin Bluegrass
  • 7% Zenyatta Timothy
  • 3% Barfleo Timothy


  • Dry Hay: Excellent
  • Haylage/Balage: Excellent


  • Seeding Rate: 25-30lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: Shallow -1/8-3/8″
  • Speed: Fair