Organic Hayboss

A well-balanced, alfalfa-grass mixture. The grasses in this mixture are not only very digestible, but also reduce potato leaf hopper pressure and help keep weeds from invading the stand. Makes a nice dry hay to feed on the farm or to sell on the hay market.

Soil Adaptation:

  • Best on soils that are good for alfalfa.
  • Wet– Not desirable. Alfalfa does not tolerate wet soils well.
  • Drought– Excellent for alfalfa. Very good for tall fescue and festulolium.
  • pH range—Alfalfa prefers soils that are 6.5 and higher.

Cutting Management:
Cut leaving a 3-4 inch stubble height when alfalfa is in early bud to early flower.

Stand Life:
With good management and proper soils, alfalfa should last a minimum of 3 years. Consistent early harvest of alfalfa will shorten alfalfa stand life. For longer alfalfa stand life, delay fall harvest to full flower.

Traffic Tolerance:
Fair. Grasses are more tolerant than the other alfalfa.

Organic Hayboss Tech Sheet

Product Formula

  • 70% Alfalfa
  • 10% Red Clover
  • 12% Fojtan
  • 8% Orchardgrass


  • Dry Hay: Excellent
  • Haylage/Balage: Excellent
  • Managed Intensive Grazing: Very Good
  • Continuous Grazing: Poor


  • Use the large seedbox of the drill
  • Seeding Rate: 25lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: Shallow -No Deeper than 1/4”
  • Speed: Alfalfa will emerge quickly. Orchardgrass and Timothy will start a little slow but will be very productive in years 2 and higher.