Paddock EX

Seeding Rate: 50-75lb/A
65% Endophyte Free Tall Fescue
20% Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Perennial Ryegrass

Paddock EX was created with grass species which are very tolerant to the traffic pressure of equine, cattle and other livestock, and will persist under heavy utilization. Optimal performance depends on adequate hay and appropriate paddock rest periods. All forages are endophyte-free.

Paddock EX can be established by using a seed drill. For faster fill in and quicker sod establishment, cross drill in a diamond pattern. Broadcasting with a spreader can be effective provided proper soil preparation and management. After broadcasting, promptly roll the seed bed to improve seed-soil-contact. Be sure to plant when soil moisture and temperatures are optimal. Ask your local dealer on what
timings are ideal for your area.
NOTE: If attempting to inter-seed into a thin pasture, clip existing grass short prior to no-tilling seed. If broadcasting
seed, light tillage is highly recommended prior to seeding and followed by rolling the paddock to ensure seed to soil contact.

Maintain a mowing height of 3-4 inches. Mowing promotes tillering and the development of a healthy, dense grass cover.
Prior to allowing access to the new paddock, mow at least three times and ensure the grass is firmly rooted. To promote persistence, implement a simple rotational system to allow grasses time to rest—to restore energy reserves required for growth. It is as simple as setting up one cross-fence and moving your Livestock between the two paddocks. This mixture will take a year to fully establish. Avoid turning out
livestock during wet conditions and grazing below 3” during the establishment year for best results.

Paddock EX Tech Sheet