A fast starting mix that is of very high quality. This mix can be used for wet hay and/or managed grazing. The main festulolium component is very fast starting, high yielding and of excellent forage quality, but is short lived (typically 3 years). Plant this mix and expect performance. Also contains longer-lived species. Can be used to thicken weak alfalfa stands and thin pastures. Best used north of the Mason Dixon Line.

GreenFast Tech Sheet

Best uses: Baleage/haylage and managed grazing
Seeding Rate: 30 to 40 lbs/A
Product Formula: 38% Perseus Festulolium
27% Grazing Tolerant Orchardgrass
22% Premium Perennial Ryegrass
9% Freedom Red Clover
4% Alice White Clover

Best Performance on Wetter-to-Good soils