King’s Horse Supreme

If you want a mixture that is productive and palatable enough for dairy cows, but need lots of flexibility in your grazing management, then try Horse Supreme. All varieties in this mix tolerate shorter grazing heights and many have been proven by University of Kentucky as superior under horse grazing. Horse Supreme is also excellent for sheep grazing and all other classes of livestock. Forage type Kentucky Bluegrass gives this mix excellent longevity and dense cover. Paddock meadow brome and grazing tolerant orchardgrass add drought productivity while the diploid ryegrass gives it a quick start and excellent spring and fall production. A touch of white clover has been added for nitrogen production. No tall fescue included.

Best uses: Continuous & managed grazing
Seeding Rate: 25 to 30 lbs/A
Product Formula: 37% Grazing Tolerant Orchardgrass
20% Montana Meadow Brome
20% Diploid Perennial Ryegrass
15% Balin Kentucky Bluegrass
6% European/Premium Timothy
2% Dutch White Clover

Adapted to Variable soils

Horse Supreme Tech Sheet