Freedom! MR clover

Freedom! is a Red Clover from Kentucky that was bred for dry matter yield, and is long-lived and mildew-resistant. It is noted for having thinner stems with less pubescence (hairs), which allows it to dry faster. In our test plots, Freedom! looks very impressive. Quality test results have been excellent as well. Our most recommended red clover for hay, Freedom! has proven to be a very high yielding red clover with very good heat tolerance as well as winter hardiness.

Freedom! is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Freedom Red Clover Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Low pubescence and reduced dustiness
  • Faster drying with impressive yields
  • High quality—palatable and nutritious
  • Improved winter hardiness and persistence
  • Fixes nitrogen—reduces fertilizer costs
  • Available in Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating or Organic Coating
  • Pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria to enhance nodulation for nitrogen fixation


  • Seeding rate: Pure stand: 15-20 lbs/a
  • With grass: 8-10 lbs/a
  • Frost-seed into grass: 10-12 lbs/a
  • Depth: Surface to 1/4”
  • Seeds per lb: 270,000

A firm seedbed recommended