Premium Clover Mix

Premium Clover Mix is a cocktail of our best perennial clo-vers. Contains approximately 50% Freedom! MR clover, 25% Alice White Clover, and 25% RegalGraze Ladino Clover. Great for frost-seeding, interseeding pastures and thinning alfalfa fields. Can be used to complement many of our all-grass mix-tures. Also works well as a perennial pollinator mix.

In a frost-seeding application, this blend can be used to im-prove a pasture or hayfield or as a relay cover or hay crop seeded into wheat. Be sure the ground is frozen and there is plenty of exposed soil. This is critical for good seed to soil contact.

This mix can be used for grazing, a cutting of hay, wildlife food plots, or simply as a cover crop for a season or two.

Soil pH should be 6.0-7.0, and adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus, and potash are critical before planting.

Best success if frost-seeded in early spring or planted in fall 8 weeks before the first killing frost.

Premium Clover Tech Sheet

Now Available in 5lb Buckets! 

Key Features

  • Mix of three blooming clovers that can be used as a perennial pollinator mix for honeybees and other beneficial insects
  • Versatile, works well as either cover crop or forage
  • Good nitrogen fixer, year round soil cover, and weed suppressor
  • Works well with frost seeding, as interseeded cover crop, broadcasted, or drilled.

Product Formula

  • 50% Freedom! MR Red Clover
  • 25% Alice White Clover
  • 25% Regal Graze Ladino Clover


  • Seeding rate: 4-6lbs/Acre
  • Depth: Surface-1/4 inch

Fine, Firm Seedbed Recommended

Excellent for wildlife food plots!