Magniva Titanium

MAGNIVA Titanium combines elite lactic acid bacteria with high activity enzymes to drive a fast, hygienic ensiling fermentation and improve feed digestibility. MAGNIVA Titanium also contains the high dose rate Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 – the only silage inoculant reviewed by the FDA to allow claims for improved aerobic stabilty – for maximum feedout stability and minimum spoilage.

Helps to achieve a fast front-end forage fermentation, improve digestibility and maintain aerobic stability to maximize the amount of top-quality silage available at feedout.  Magniva Titanium is the only silage inoculant available that has been reviewed by the FDA and allowed to claim improved aerobic stability.

Used For

  • High-moisture corn (HMC), earlage, snaplage
  • Silages to be fed during warmer temperatures
  • Crops exposed to challenging field conditions that can lead to yeast and mold growth
  • Baleages and haylages over 35% dry matter (DM)
  • Corn silage above 32% DM
  • Ensiled crops that will be transported or relocated

Magniva Titanium Techsheet

formerly marketed as “Biotal Buchneri 500”