Triumphant is a new variety of forage tall fescue from a Kentucky trial. It was developed from multiple cycles of recurrent selection. All cycles of were made for early maturity, vigor, fall and winter growth, forage yield potential, and post-harvest regrowth. The germplasm used to develop ‘Triumphant’ traces to the varieties ‘AU Triumph’ and ‘Duramax’. Triumphant is endophyte neutral meaning it may contain endophytes but they are not considered a toxic threat.

Triumphant is broadly adapted to the regions in the US where early production is important. It allows for getting livestock out to pasture and off costly stored winter feed earlier. Baleage producers will benefit from an early cut. It has quick fall recovery to produce a large amount of stockpiled forage for fall and winter grazing.

At A Glance:

  • High first cut yield
  • Strong fall recovery and regrowth with great persistence
  • Early maturity
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Highly palatable


Seeding rate: 15-20lbs/acre
Seeding depth: 1/4″- 1/2″
Planting dates: Late summer to early fall

Triumphant Tall Fescue Tech Sheet