Titan Forage Rapeseed

An Ideal feed option when dry matter yield and rapid acceptance by grazing animals is important to you.

• High yielding multi-graze, intermediate height rape available with a potential yield of 9,000 lbs DM/acre
• Highest animal preference rape cultivar available
• Excellent regrowth potential– Good for 2 Grazings!
• Suitable for summer, autumn and winter feed
• Excellent aphid and virus tolerance
• Early Maturing
• Great for wildlife food plots!

Titan® forage rape – the tasty rape your stock prefer to eat. Titan combines early maturity, high dry matter yields and excellent
palatability to deliver a high quality summer/autumn/winter feed
option. It is an intermediate height rape that was bred to replace
Maxima Plus. Strong regrowth potential offers a multi-grazing
option for all farm systems. Good aphid and virus tolerance means
Titan will last the distance under challenging conditions.

Titan Forage Rapeseed Tech Sheet