Summer Feast Mixture

A high energy summer grazing or wildlife food plot mixture. Millet balances out the rich brassica with effective fiber, which slows rate of passage through the rumen. The two species provide a multi-level and more diverse warm weather forage, and the different growing habits complement each other well. Both species can uptake and use nitrogen quite well. This mix can be a good way to renovate a pasture. As with a straight stand of millet, there is no threat of prussic acid.

Soil pH should be 6.0-6.5, and soil temperatures should be 65 degrees and rising.

For best grazing wait approximately 45 days before grazing, and leave 4-6” of stubble for best regrowth.

Note: Livestock should be eased onto a brassica crop, as it takes a few days for livestock to acquire a desire for the crop if never grazed before.

Summer Feast Mixture Tech Sheet


Key Features

  • Drought tolerant
  • Good summer production
  • High quality, high protein summer forage or wildlife food plot.
  • Nutritional balance between grass and brassica.
  • Less dry matter than sorghums, but higher quality and protein
  • Easy doublecropping with cool season annual grasses and legumes.
  • Does well in warm, moist conditions.

Product Formula

  • 88% Leafy-T Millet
  • 12% T-Raptor Hybrid Brassica


  • Grazing, Summer Cover Crop,
  • Wildlife Food Plot.


  • Seeding Rate: 10-20lb/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1/2” to 3/4”
  • Seeding Dates: After soils are 65 de-grees and rising.