Succession Hybrid Bromegrass

Succession Hybrid Brome is a cross between smooth brome and meadow brome. Its above ground growth habit and maturity is similar to smooth brome but it has faster regrowth and more summer productivity. Succession does not have rhizomes beneath the soil, thus it will not over dominate a mixed sward overtime and not become sod bound.  Succession is ideal to mix with timothy and other late maturing grasses.  As other bromes, Succession will maintain a green color and has a wide harvest window.

Management Tips: Cut for hay between heading and flowering for good yield and quality. Spring grazing
application: regrowth is faster if the first grazing occurs
before stem elongation.

Adaptations: Good drought tolerance. Can withstand 2-5 weeks of spring flooding. Excellent winter hardiness.
Suitable for all soil textures although it will perform best on loamy soils. Tolerates pH levels as low as 5.5 although production will decline.

Best Use:  Dry hay as a straight stand or part of a late maturing mixture.  When seeding with timothy, we
recommend seeding succession in the large box or
ideally in a brome box and the timothy in the small box.

Succession Hybrid Bromegrass Tech Sheet