Sonic a tall variety that makes excellent livestock grain, straw or forage. It is similar to Oberkulmer. Sonic is expected to equal or out yield Oberkulmer in forage production due to its equal height, more vigorous growth habit and much improved disease resistance and yield. During development and testing trials, Sonic averaged 10% higher grain yield than Oberkulmer.

Soil Adaptation Wet –
Difficult because wet areas may exacerbate winterkill problems and interfere with harvesting

Drought –
Fair. Productive during fall and spring, which tends to reduce drought risk.

pH Range –6.0 and above

Cutting Management
Harvest is later than wheat. Cut or graze at flag leaf stage before head has emerged for forage use. Leave a 2-4” residual height. Can be grazed lightly in fall before dormancy, but be sure that crowns are not destroyed.

For grain, it is fully mature when heads “cane” and turn downward.

Sonic Spelt Tech Sheet

At A Glance:

  • Tall with good standability
  • Improved disease resistance, vigor, and yield over Oberkulmer

Best Uses:

  • Livestock Grain, Straw & Forage.


  • Planting Dates: Early fall, Same as winter wheat seeding dates.
  • Seeding Rate: 125lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1”-1 1/2”