Ray’s Crazy Spring Mix

A diverse, 8 species mix of small grains, legumes and brassi-cas. This mix is designed with rapid growth and soil health in mind. This mix can be used as a short term cover crop, a soil-building transition crop to renovate depleted soils, and a grazing mix.

Cover Crop Only: Plant at reduced seeding rate noted below. The longer the mix is allowed to grow, the more biomass and nitrogen the mix will be able to produce. Mix should be terminated prior to seed set, approximately end of may to early June.

Grazing: Similar management to other spring annual mixes.

Single Graze: Allow to grow until oats reach boot stage

Multiple Grazes: graze before oats reach 10 inches in height to ensure regrowth of the small grains. Peas and Berseem Clo-ver will likely not regrow. 2 or 3 grazing’s may be taken in this manner. Regrowth will be limited if small grains are al-lowed to grow too big.

One Cut Forage: A single cutting of forage can be taken for baleage. Take this cutting when the oats are in boot stage for best quality. Bras-sicas will slow the drying of this mix.

Soil Benefits by component :

  • Peas—Improve Soil Nitrogen
  • Clovers– Improve Soil Nitrogen, Attract beneficial insects and pollinators
  • Small Grains—Build Soil Organic Matter, Scavenge Nitrogen, Loosen Compacted Subsoil, Suppress Weeds
  • Brassicas—Scavenge Nitrogen, Sulfur and Calcium

Ray’s Crazy Spring Mix Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Quick spring nitrogen producer for summer planted crops
  • Recycles nutrients in spring as soils warm up
  • Great soil building properties
  • Contains blooming species that will attract beneficial insects
  • Works great for wildlife food plots.


  • 33% 4010 Peas
  • 21% Spring Oats
  • 21% Spring Triticale
  • 13% Spring Barley
  • 8% Crimson Clover
  • 2% Berseem Clover
  • 1% Turnips
  • 1% Barsica Rape

Best Use

  • Managed Grazing, Soil improvement, Baleage


  • Seeding rate:
    • 120 lbs/A– forage
    • 60-80lbs/A—cover crop
  • Seeding Depth: 1/2” – 3/4”