Persist Orchardgrass

Persist might be the most amazing orchardgrass ever! Besides proving that it can withstand YEARS of grazing, overcome heat and drought stresses, take cold winters and hot summers, it also continues to prove itself as one of the top forage yielders, producing higher yields than most all other varieties. What does that mean to you?

Persist Means Increased Income! Higher yields and better stands equate to more money from more tonnage, quicker weight gains, and increased milk production – simply more forage per acre for your animals.

Persist Means Reduced Costs! Increased longevity, the ability to withstand grazing pressure and overcome weather-caused stresses mean you don’t have to replace your fields as often when you plant Persist, saving you money! Lots of money! Also, denser stands compete better against weed pressure, reducing the need for costly herbicide applications.

Persist Means More Profit! With Persist you can make more money while reducing your costs. That’s some real financial sense! Planting Persist equals profit! When you plant Persist you Plant for Keeps!

Persist Tech Sheet