Perseus Festulolium

A tetraploid rye grass type Perseus is a crossing between italian ryegrass and meadow fescue and belongs to the ryegrass type of festulolium. The result is a variety with a very vigorous growth both in spring and after cutting, but at the same time also with a good persistence in USDA zone 4&5.

For cutting purposes
Perseus belongs to the same group of festulolium as Paulita and Perun, but with 4-5 days later head emergence. This makes Perseus very well suited for mixtures for intermediate and late cutting.

Fine forage quality
Perseus has excellent fiber digestibility and sugar content making it a very high quality forage. Excellent for milk and meat production.

Perseus festulolium Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Very High Yield
  • High Feeding Value
  • Good Regrowth After Cutting
  • Late Heading
  • Persistent


  • Seeding Rate: 25-30lbs/Acre