Perseus Festulolium

  • Very high yield
  • High feeding value
  • Good regrowth after cutting
  • Late heading

Late, with high yield and quality

Perseus is high-yielding, matching the production of Italian ryegrass for 2-3 harvest years. It is persistent, has a strong root system, improved winter hardiness, increased summer performance, and high drought tolerance.

Its later maturity contributes to its high forage quality, and its palatability makes it a good complement or replacement for ryegrass or meadow fescue.

Perseus is fast-starting and can be mixed with legumes or used as a pure stand, and has good regrowth.

For cutting purposes

Perseus belongs to the same group of festulolium as Paulita and Perun, but with 4-5 days later ear emergence. This makes Perseus very well suited for mixtures for intermediate and late cutting.

Fine forage quality

Perseus is participating in trials in many European countries and the results show very interesting properties. Due to the late ear emergence the feeding value and energy concentration of Perseus is very high.

Perseus festulolium Tech Sheet


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