Pea Oat Mix

A mixture of forage oats and peas that provides protein and effective fiber as a forage mix and nitrogen and organic matter as a cover crop. Best seeded in late winter/ early spring or late summer, it can also be used as a nurse crop for rapid-growing weed suppression with new perennial seedings.

Nurse Crop:

  • For forage, cut and wilt when oats reach flag leaf stage for best quality forage.
  • Pea-Oat Mix makes a good nurse crop for a spring or fall seeding of alfalfa or other legume (at approximately a half seeding rate), as it will grow more rapidly and provide shelter and weed suppression to the slower-growing perennial.
  • In a fall-planted cover crop scenario, the mix winterkills and provides an overwintering killed mulch for weed suppression and organic matter that can be easily no-till planted in the early spring.

The Components: 4010 Peas are a purple flower pea and can be planted in either spring or fall. Grows best in cooler climates. High-protein forage for grazing or haylage/baleage. Alone, the feed value is comparable to alfalfa haylage. Large leaves and excellent palatability.

Forage Plus Oats: A leafy late forage oat with excellent feed quality with very good disease resistance.

Must be inoculated with KingFisher Biotrigger cover crop or N-Dure Pea/Vetch Inoculant for optimal legume nitrogen fixation.

Pea-Oat Mix Tech Sheet 

Key Features:

  • Quick, balanced protein-rich spring or fall for forage
  • Great nurse crop for spring perennial seedings
  • Recycles nutrients and fixes nitrogen in a cover crop situation
  • Grass-legume soil builder

Product Formula (by weight)

  • 50% Forage Plus Oats
  • 50% 4010 Spring Forage Peas


  • Spring or fall planted cover crop or forage (haylage, baleage, grazing)
  • Great for Wildlife Food Plots!


  • Seeding Rate: 100lbs/Acre, full rate, 40-60lbs/Acre as a nurse crop with alfalfa
  • Seeding Depth: 3/4”-1 1/2”
  • Seeding Dates: 30-40 days before the first frost in the fall, or as soon as ground can be worked in the spring.