Olathe Orchardgrass

An early orchardgrass by DLF that is very high yielding, has high disease tolerance, and handles heat and stress well. Ideal for producers in the intense southern climates that are grazing.

Olathe Orchardgrass exhibits exceptional seedling vigor and establishes rapidly. Prior to planting, take a soil test and apply adequate phosphorous and potassium if necessary. At planting, apply 35-40 lbs/acre nitrogen to ensure good establishment. Olathe may be established via full cultivation, no-till, or broadcast seeding. Plant no deeper than 1/4 inch below the surface in a firm seed bed.

Orchardgrass is categorized as a bunch grass. Careful stand management during the first year is essential for long-term productivity. Orchardgrass grows and spreads laterally by creating new shoots called tillers which emanate from the base of the plant forming an ever-wider bunch. To enable the production of a leafy dense stand, the height of the stand during the first year should ideally be maintained in the 4-12 inch range. This allows full sunlight penetration to the plant base which triggers production of the tillers needed for maximum plant growth and spread. Once the seedlings are firmly rooted, graze lightly by calves, or machine mow several times before heavy use. This will promote further tillering and growth. Cold winter survival is enhanced by entering winter with the grass left at a short but still green 4-5 inch height.

Olathe Orchardgrass Tech Sheet


Key Features

  • Persistent
  • Quick to establish
  • High yielding
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility
  • Outstanding disease resistance
  • Heat and drought tolerant


  • Use the large box of the drill
  • Seeding rate: 20 lbs/acre
  • Seeding with alfalfa: 3-7lbs/acre
  • Seeding Depth: Surface to 1/4”