Growing pumpkins or melons? This mix is for you! An excellent forecrop that is planted in the fall and rolled down after flowering to terminate prior to planting in the spring. This mix builds soil, and the rolldown mat suppresses weeds and keeps the melons and pumpkins off the soil to help prevent disease.

Soil Adaptation

  • Plant on well drained soils for best results.
  • pH: 6.0 and higher

Roll Down Guidance

  • Roll down with a cover crop roller after all components have flowered. (Anthesis).

Note: Peas are sensitive to some herbicides applied to previous crops. Please plan in advance to avoid herbicide injury by checking replant restrictions.

MulchMaster RD Tech Sheet

Key Features

Best Uses:

  • Forecrop for pumpkins or melons.


  • Planting Dates: Barley to Mid Wheat Dates. Seeding Rate: 100lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1-11/2”
  • Components:
    • 50% Keystone Winter Peas.
    • 25%Cereal Rye
    • 25% Triticale