Mojo is Barenbrug USA’s new Yellow Jacket®Coated, improved crabgrass that thrives during the dry months. Crabgrass is a high quality, high yielding summer annual forage that is excellent for grazing and haying. This variety of crabgrass produces a highly digestible forage (up to 73% NDFd) and high crude protein content (25-30% early season; 15-20% midsummer; 10% late season). Areas of adaption extend from Nebraska, south and east to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. If your summer pasture has lost its appeal now is the time to get your mojo back.

Suggested planting and management

  1. Prepare the ground by discing and harrowing in late spring. Firm soil to where a footprint leaves an impression 1/2″ deep.
  2. Plant seed shallow when soil temperatures reach 58ºF in the spring or early summer. Using a drill or seeder with a small seed box is best, but a grain drill can work.
  3. When the grass begins to form stolons (“runners”), apply nitrogen (50 to 100 lb N/acre).
  4. Graze when grass reaches 6 to 8 inches.

Mojo also works well broadcasted into pastures following winter small grain such as rye, triticale, oats, and ryegrass. When thinning fescue stands or trampled winter feeding areas become a concern, crabgrass can be broadcasted in these systems to improve summer grazing. If allowed to go to seed at least once during its growing season, Mojo will germinate as volunteer forage the following year.

Mojo Crabgrass Tech Sheet

Crabgrass – A Pasture Pick-Me-Up

At A Glance:

  • Good summer production
  • High quality summer forage
  • Easy double cropping with cool season annual grasses and legumes.
  • Self-reseeding if allowed to go to seed
  • Does exceptionally well in warm moist conditions. Uses Summer Cover Crop, Grazing, Haylage, Baleage.


  • Seeding Rate: 5-8lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: Surface- 1/4” on tighly packed soil
  • Seeding Dates: Late Spring, plant when soils are 58 degrees and rising.