Mara Perennial Ryegrass

Mara is an intermediate maturity, diploid perennial ryegrass
with high yields. Mara has exceptional winterhardiness, and
exhibits more tolerance to heat and drought than traditional
perennial ryegrasses. Mara establishes quickly, exhibits rapid
regrowth and easily forms a dense sward. Exceptional forage
quality, make it ideal in a grazing situation. Combined with Alice white clover, Mara can utilize the nitrogen fixation to increase yields.


Mara is an excellent selection for a grazing or silage production. Its high palatability and digestibility make it ideal for high
producing animals such as lactating dairy and beef cattle. Mara is also effective when used as an overseeding grass to improve stand density and forage quality. Mara is a superb
choice for a mixed planting of grasses and legumes. Seed
with a white clover such as Alice, for a grazing situation. For
silage production, seed with a premium red clover such as

Key Features:

  • Rapid establishment
  • Fast regrowth and tillering
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value
  • Impressive winter-hardiness and persistence
  • For grazing or High-moisture cutting
  • Excellent with Alice White Clover
  • Thrives in moist well drained soils
  • Well adapted to temperate regions


Use the large box of the drill
Seeding rate: 30lbs/acre
Overseeding: 15lbs/acre
Broadcast seeding: 35-40lbs/acre

Mara may be planted in spring or late summer provided adequate moisture is available. At planting, apply 35 to 40 lbs/
acre nitrogen to ensure establishment. Mara’s seedling vigor
and rapid establishment contribute to its success in no-till
applications. Grazing or clipping encourages tillering and
sward establishment


For optimal production, maintain pasture in a vegetative state
through uniform grazing or cutting. In a grazing application,
graze at 6 inches to a residual of 3 inches and, for machine
harvest, harvest in pre-boot stage of maturity. Mara has
shown improved tolerance to extreme summer conditions.

Mara Perennial Rye Grass Tech Sheet


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