MaizePro DT

Balanced, partly winterhardy cover crop for intensive maize crop rotations.

  • Leaves optimal soil structure
  • Supports deep roots
  • Very good nitrogen exploitation

MaizePro DT is the ideal mix for corn crop rotations. It selectively supports the formation of mycorrhiza in a corn rotation, and as a result, improves the soil structure. The soils become move water stable, have an improved bearing capacity and are easier to work. The intensive root penetration properties of the components create new root channels, which help the corn particularly during periods of drought. The hardy components guarantee highly efficient erosion protection right into spring. After a successful cover crop, the soil only requires working to a depth of the soil horizon receiving the corn seed. In this way, the capillarity is maintained, ensuring water availability for germination.

Note: In soils without a pea or vetch history, a pea vetch inoculant is recommended. The clovers in this mix are pre-inoculated.

TerraLife – MaizePro DT Tech Sheet

Maize Pro Data Chart