Annual Ryegrass – Lowboy

Lowboy is a turf-type annual ryegrass for cover crop use only. It is a cold-tolerant, weed suppressing crop that has an extensive root system and is easy to terminate. Lowboy is ideal for building soil in grain, tobacco, or vegetable rotations.

Annual ryegrass can be overseeded into corn or soybeans or other vegetable crops. Ryegrass has an extensive root system that holds the soil in place, preventing erosion. It’s an excellent nitrogen scavenger and grows organic matter deep into the soil with root biomass. The dense root system improves water infiltration and builds soil tilth. If mixed with legumes it establishes quickly and acts as a nurse crop, which improves early season weed control and helps the legumes over-winter.

Recommended seeding rate: 15-20 lbs/A.


Lowboy Annual Ryegrass Tech Sheet

Annual Ryegrass Management Quick Guide


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