Large Box Booster

Our new Booster mixes are designed to help you add diversity to your small grain cover crop program, without the hassle of buying multiple products. The added benefits of the components in the booster mixes include building soil health fixing nitrogen, preserving additional nutrients and breaking up compaction. As a bonus, these mixtures can help you qualify for USDA conservation grants, which can bring your cover crop cost down even further.

This Booster formulation features Keystone Winter Peas, which has excellent early vigor in the fall, and strong growth in the fall. Peas and Crimson contribute to Nitrogen production, daikon radish helps break up compaction.

Mix the Booster with your small grain of choice in the large box of your drill, layering it in.

Soil Benefits by component :

  • Peas—Improve Soil Nitrogen, Improve Soil Structure
  • Clovers– Improve Soil Nitrogen, Attract beneficial insects and pollinators, Improve Humus
  • Small Grains—Build Soil Organic Matter, Scavenge Nitrogen, Loosen Compacted Subsoil, Suppress Weeds
  • Brassicas—Scavenge Nitrogen, Sulfur and Calcium, alleviate compaction

Not approved for Organic or Transitioning Farms

Large Box Booster Tech Sheet

Great for Wildlife Food Plots!

Key Features

  • Layer Booster Mix into the Large box, mixing it in.
  • Diversity of mix should allow for conservation grants
  • Great for wildlife food plots!


  • 50% Keystone Winter Pea—UT
  • 35% Crimson Clover CT
  • 15% Daikon Radish


  • Seeding rate: use 20lbs of booster for every 50-100lbs of Small Grain
  • Seeding Depth: 3/4” – 1”, Large box
  • Planting Dates: Barley to Mid Wheat