Clover – Ladino

Ladino is a white clover with large leaves and taller growing stems, and will produce more N per acre than other white clovers. Dense shallow roots protect soil from erosion and suppress weeds well compared to other white clovers. Ladino clover can fix 80 to 130 lbs of N per acre if left to grow a year after establishment. As a cover crop, it can be frost seeded into small grains or broadcast over vegetables in late spring. It will grow slowly and develop roots in the shade of another growing crop, then grow rapidly after crop harvest. Great for use as a living mulch and a beneficial crop to attract bees for both nectar and pollen.

Recommended seeding rate: 5-9 lbs/A.

VNS Ladino clover is pre-inoculated with Rhizobium bacteria for best nitrogen fixation.

Ladino VNS Clover Tech Sheet


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