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A KingFisher blend of European tetraploid and diploid. An excellent choice for overseeding pastures as part of a regular maintenance program. Perennial ryegrass, if seeded by itself, should be planted in cooler climates on moist, fertile soils.  Recommended seeding rate: 35-45 lbs/A. Certified Organic.

Key Features

  • Blend of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrasses that combines high sugars with persistence 
  • Contains varieties bred for organic management, requiring less nitrogen for high yields. 
  • Intermediate maturity.


Seeding rate: 35-45lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: 1/4”
Seeding Dates: Early spring or late summer

A Certified Organic KingFisher blend that combines the
strengths of European-bred tetraploids and diploids.
Diploids are generally more persistent, winter-hardy, and
have smaller features than tetraploids. They have smaller
cells, smaller seeds, and finer leaves. Tetraploids have larger
cells, since they contain four sets of chromosomes instead of
2. With larger cells, the proportion of cell contents to cell
walls is higher, which means greater sugars, quality, and
palatability. Tetraploids also have wide leaves and excellent
seedling vigor.

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