KingFisher Allegro Blend

A blend of European bred Italian Ryegrasses. If seeded in the spring in cooler climates (zone 5 and lower) it will make several cuttings per year of very high quality forage. Avoid droughty and/or low fertility soils.

Works well in cooler climates on moist, fertile soils. Can be used to extend thinning alfalfa stands. Allegro Blend makes very high quality feed that is high in sugars. Like other Italian ryegrasses, Allegro Blend works best when established in spring and maintained through the following spring, setting up soil nicely for corn planting or another summer annual crop. Quality and yield is optimal in spring and fall.

Italian ryegrass in zones 6 and higher is best seeded in the Barley to early wheat planting dates giving 2 to 3 spring cuts before summer heat pushes heading.

Available in Certified Organic Grand Champion at World Forage Superbowl

Allegro Blend Ryegrass Tech Sheet

At A Glance:

  • Blend of tetraploid and diploid Italian ryegrasses
  • Contains varieties bred for organic management, requiring less nitrogen for high yields
  • Immediate maturity


  • Planting Dates: Early spring or late summer
  • Seeding Rate: 35-45lbs/Acre Seeding Depth: 1/4”