HLR Blend Orchardgrass

BarenbrugStands for High Leaf Ratio. Contains the best and latest orchardgrass varieties from Barenbrug’s breeding program. The varieties have been selected for high leaf to stem ratio. This means more leaves for improved digestibility and energy, and less stems that reduce the feed quality and palatability of the forage.

Barenbrug breeders are continuously selecting for disease tolerance and HLR Orchardgrass is resistant to rust and other leaf diseases. The intermediate to late heading varieties in HLR are ideal for planting with alfalfa.

Key Features of HLR Blend Orchardgrass Seeds

  • Late maturing
  • Quick to establish
  • High yielding
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility
  • Excellent winter-hardiness
  • Outstanding disease resistance
  • Heat and drought tolerant

Adaptation Climate

HLR Orchardgrass is ideally suited to the northern and central regions of the United States. Its exceptional winter-hardiness, late maturity and summer heat tolerance make it an ideal choice for pasture grazing, hay production and as a companion with alfalfa.

Adaptation Soil

HLR Orchardgrass grows best in light, well drained upland soils. It will perform on lowland heavier soils if they are not prone to excessive moisture.


Use the large box of the drill

Seeding rate: 23 lb/A.

%%excerpt%% HLR Orchardgrass Tech Sheet


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