Forb Feast Chicory


Forb Feast Chicory is a high quality, reduced bolting chicory blend. Reduced bolting means better feed value throughout the season. Leafiness of Forb Feast is impressive. It is an excellent source of digestible energy, protein and minerals. In addition, chicory has been shown to have key anti-parasitic properties in small ruminants. Forb Feast has proven itself in livestock and wildlife programs. Its deep taproot lends persistence and production in extreme heat and moisture stress. It also exhibits winterhardiness. Forb Feast is ideal as a component in a mixture with both warm and cool season grasses and legumes.

Adaptation-Climate- Forb Feast is adapted to a wide range of climates. It exhibits winter-hardiness as well as drought tolerance. It is suitable for use in all major climates of the United States.

Adaptation-Soil- Forb Feast chicory performs well in less than ideal conditions. Chicory is a deep rooted plant that prefers light to medium soils that are at least moderately drained. Chicory will persist under minimal fertility levels and can tolerate a broad range of conditions. However, with high fertility and appropriate fertilization, Forb Feast will produce impressive yields.

Forb Feast is an ideal component of a complex mixture, offering unique health benefits as a pasture supplement. Not only does it contain a relatively high amount of minerals and energy, but Forb Feast has also been shown to reduce parasite activity in ruminants. This, combined with its high palatability, makes Forb Feast ideal for livestock with high energy requirements; such as growing and lactating animals. In addition, Forb Feast allows for later summer grazing due to its deep roots and drought tolerance.

Forb feast tolerates a large range of planting conditions. However, it is important to ensure seed is planted in a firm, moist, seedbed. Forb Feast can be broadcasted or drilled. It is very important not to plant the seed too deep. One eighth of an inch will work best.

Forb Feast Chicory Tech Sheet


Key Features

  • Deep rooted and very drought tolerant forb.
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • Great source of protein and energy
  • Anti-parasitic properties, enhancing animal health
  • Great for extending grazing into summer

Seeding Rate: 2-5lbs/A

*In a mixture, the seeding rate of chicory should not be no more than 1lb/A.

Seed in early spring or late summer
Seeding Depth: 1/8”-1/4”