Fojtan Festulolium


A new long lived festulolium that tolerates heat and drought well. Fojtan is a fescue type with great nutrition.

Fojtan Tech Sheet

“I had Fojtan Festulolium in small North Carolina grass plots (3′ x 10′) that were seeded in February of 2011. We are now going into our third year, and grazing instead of mowing. As of this fall (2012), the Fojtan was doing quite well, rivaling all of the fescue plots there for stand thickness, including Drover, Cajun, Kora, Baroptima and STF 43 and others. The Fojtan had a narrower, slightly darker green leaf than the fescues, and had a softer texture than most of them.”

-Tracy Neff, King’s AgriSeeds Agronomist


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