Echelon Orchardgrass

Echelon is a very late-maturing, persistent orchardgrass with good fall productivity and excellent winter-hardiness.

Echelon is one of the strongest late maturity varieties King’s has tested in Lancaster, PA. Its exceptional winter-hardiness, late maturity and summer heat tolerance make it an ideal choice for pasture grazing, hay production and as a companion with alfalfa.

Echelon grows best in light, well drained upland soils. It will perform on lowland heavier soils if they are not prone to excessive wetness.

Echelon is effective in grazing and haying situations. It can be seeded either alone or as a mixture component. King’s utilizes Echelon in many of our mixtures. Given its late maturity and excellent winter-hardiness, it is an ideal companion for alfalfa. Inter-planting with alfalfa can be used to improve stand yield, extend longevity and reduce the risks of winterkill and pest damage associated with growing a pure stand.

Echelon Orchardgrass Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Late-maturing
  • Persistent
  • High Fall Production for an Orchardgrass
  • Quick to Establish
  • High-Yielding
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility
  • Excellent Winter-Hardiness
  • Erect-growing plant with great eye appeal


  • Use the Large Box of the Drill
  • Seeding Rate: 20-25lbs per Acre
  • Broadcast Seeding Rate: 40lbs per Acre
  • Seeding with Alfalfa:1-7lbs per Acre
  • Seeding Depth: Surface to 1/4”