Derry Forage Soybean

A maturity group 6 forage soybean, recommended for grazing/wildlife settings, not intended for grain.

Great for Wildlife Food Plots!

  • Growth Habit – Indeterminate
  • Lodging- Very good
  • Emergence- Good
  • SCN- None
  • Phy. Field res.- Good
  • Pubescence- Tawny
  • Hilum- Black
  • Flower- White
  • Plant type- Semi-bush
  • Plant height- 5-6 ft.
  • BSR- N/A

Derry Forage Soybeans Tech Sheet


  • Seeding Rate: 140k
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Seed/lb: 2900
  • Planting dates: late spring, when soils are 65 degrees and rising

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