A Triticale based mix designed for one spring haylage cut. This mix has an earlier maturing triticale which serves as a harvest indicator, when you see the first heads, its time to cut. The winter hardy annual ryegrass improves soil health via increasing organic matter and soil tilth while also increases forage quality. The daikon radish helps control winter annual weeds and also improves soil productivity. From a nutrient management perspective, daikon radish’s taproots will reach below the grasses and absorb and store available nutrients in the fall, which will then slowly be released to the triticale and ryegrass in the spring after the daikon radish winter kills.

Soil Adaptation:

Excellent for overwinter nutrient management, but apply manure prior to seeding Wet– poor due to harvest difficulty Dry—fair. Productive during fall and spring, which tends to reduce drought risk pH range: 6.0 and Higher

Cutting Management

For best results, cut prior to boot stage. Triticale’s window of harvest is wider than most other small grains, so it maintains quality longer. Annual ryegrass also maintains high quality even as the head begins to emerge however, quality still drops after this point. Wide swath for best drying.

DART Tech Sheet

  • 1 cut system
  • Better balance than triticale alone
  • Great forage for double cropping


  • 85% Gainer Triticale
  • 14% Annual Ryegrass
  • 1% Daikon Radish

Best Use:

  • Haylage, Baleage


  • Seeding rate: 125 lbs/A
  • Seeding Depth: 1/2” – 3/4”
  • Planting Dates: Barley and Early Wheat planting dates