Cargo Mix

A forage or cover crop mix of oats, annual ryegrass, and crimson clover. Cargo makes an excellent fall or spring feed, with high sugars, digestible fiber, and protein that result from the balance of grasses and legumes. It is a superb cover crop for southern Pennsylvania (south of I-78) and further south because the crimson clover is less winter hardy and both the crimson clover and annual ryegrass will over-winter well in these locations. The benefit of crimson clover is that it flowers early and will fix nitrogen earlier in the spring than other legumes. Annual ryegrass has very extensive root growth and improves soil structure better than cereal grains. The oats in the mix will grow rapidly in the late summer/early fall of the year, providing quick ground cover to hold soil and smother weeds. The fast oat growth also provides quick nutrient scavenging. The oats winter kill, but act as a nurse crop for the other components, and the oat residue provides a buffer over the winter. The annual ryegrass and crimson clover will be an overwintering grass/legume combination.

Recommended seeding rate: 60-130 lbs/A.

Cargo Mix Tech Sheet


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