Canmore Oats

Canmore is a tall growing medium maturing oat with very good standability. Its grain yield should be very competitive in cooler climates. It is also an excellent straw producer along with a high forage yielder.

Productivity: Excellent growth during cool to 80 degrees. Oats are the most productive cool season annual.

Soil Adaptation: pH range 6.0-7.0. Avoid extremely well dried soils and poorly drained soils.

Management Notes:

  • Grain oats should be seeded early to avoid high heat during pollination and grain fill.
  • Adequate seed bed preparation is important as are seeding rate and fertility.
  • Always test small grain forages for nitrate levels before feeding, especially when grown in high nitrogen regimes.
  • Forage Harvest Stages at boot stage (Feekes Stage 10), Canmore is highest in crude protein and in percent digestible fiber. Harvest by stage 10 or quality will drop significantly with heading

Canmore Oats Tech Sheet

Key Characteristics:

  • Medium Maturity
  • Competitive grain yield and good forage yielder
  • Good straw oat


  • Grain: Excellent
  • Forage: Good
  • Cover crop: Good
  • Dry Hay: Poor
  • Haylage/Balage: Excellent
  • Management Intensive Grazing: Good


  • Planting Dates: Late winter to early spring. Late summer for fall forage and a winter kill cover crop.
  • Seeding Rate: 95-130lbs/Acre (3-4Bu/ Acre)
  • Large Seed Box Required
  • Seeding Depth: 3/4” to 1 1/2”