Cajun II

Cajun II is a forage-type endophyte-free tall fescue that promises broad adaptation and high yields. Cajun II was developed primarily out of selections from Cajun, Martin, and Mozark.

Wide Adaptation
This special crossing of “European-type” and “Mediterranean-type” fescues extends Cajun II’s range of adaptation and provides it with a wider range of ability to tolerate both the heat and the cold, performing very well both in the Northern and Southern tall fescue zones.

High Yielding
Early Maturing Cajun II’s has also been bred to be a high yielder. This is especially noticeable with earlier growth in the spring and extended production in the fall. Cajun II is approximately 11 days earlier than Kentucky 31.

Horse Safe Cajun II is endophyte-free, meaning it is safe for all livestock including horses.

Forage Testing
Cajun II has been tested in Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Cajun II has also been tested under the experimental name FTF 9077. Completed data is available upon request.

Cajun II Tall Fescue Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Wide Adaptation
  • High Yielding
  • Endophyte-Free