Cache Meadow Brome

Cache Meadow bromegrass is a long-lived perennial that is suited for dryland or irrigated pasture. Developed in Utah however it is highly adaptable to the King’s Agriseeds region. Meadow bromegrass can extend the grazing season as well as increase total forage production. Forage yields in meadow brome are higher than smooth brome, it recovers from grazing much more rapidly, and its fall regrowth is better.

Cache provides faster germination, improved seedling vigor, vigorous regrowth after clipping and improved seed yield potential.

  • Rapid regrowth after harvest
  • Superior winter hardiness to orchardgrass
  • Less prone to creeping and becoming sod-bound than smooth bromegrass
  • Matures approximately 2 weeks earlier than smooth bromegrass

Cache Meadow Brome Tech Sheet

Key Features:

  • High Yield Potential
  • High Grazing Tolerance
  • Excellent Winter Hardiness
  • Very Persistent
  • Good Regrowth


  • Use the large box of the drill
  • Seeding rate:
    • 15-20lbs/Acre
  • Interseeding: 5-10lbs/Acre
  • Depth: 1/4-1/2 inch