Mustard – Braco White

Braco white mustard is a brassica cover crop that can be used to suppress weeds and nematodes in any warm-season window in the rotation. When turned into the soil at flowering, it is an effective biofumigant. Its deep tap root breaks up soil, builds organic matter, and scavenges available nutrients. If plowed down, the nutrient rich green material will recycle nitrogen for the following crop.

Flowers attract beneficial insects. If fall planted, white mustard winter kills and provides a dead mulch, which fits nicely in rotations where an early spring crop is planted. Good break crop in small grain-intensive rotations.

Allow 60-70 days of growth before cutting. Flail mow or chop to reduce particle size. Plant material should be incorporated into the soil 5-6 inches deep with a disc to effectively “fumigate” soil.

Braco White Mustard Tech Sheet

Braco White Mustard and Biofumigation

Key Features

  • Brassica Cover Crop
  • Rapid growth and weed suppres-sion.
  • “Break Crop” and pest suppres-sor/bio-fumigator.
  • Increases soil tilth with deep tap roots.
  • Blooms and attracts beneficial insects.

Best Uses

Warm season cover crop and break crop.


  • Seeding Rate: 8-10lbs/Acre for max-imum biomass for a summer smother crop or to till in as a biofumigant. 15-20lbs an acre.
  • Seeding Dates: Early spring, sum-mer, or early fall; mid-September if needed as a winter-killed mulch.
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4”- 1/2”
  • Speed: Slow establishment and growth.