Clover – Balady Berseem

Berseem clover grows as a summer annual or winter annual depending on your plant hardiness zone. In the south, typically from central Virginia and further south, the Berseem can be planted in the fall and will over-winter as a winter annual crop. Since it is not a cold tolerant crop, the Berseem clover may winter kill and not consistently survive northern winters (Mid-Atlantic and Northern States). Therefore, it is best used as a spring seeded summer annual in these regions. It is an excellent choice for a cover crop due to its vigorous warm-season growth and good nitrogen-fixing potential.

Berseem clover has oblong leaflets and hollow stems. It grows upright and produces yellowish-white flowers with small round heads. The plant may grow as tall as 18 to 30 inches. It has a small tap root that is 4 to 6 inches long. Berseem clover is excellent in a forage context because it is one of the rare legumes that does not cause bloat, and can be used to boost production on thinning alfalfa stands or as high protein stand-alone forage.

Recommended seeding rate: 8-20 lbs/A.

Berseem Clover Tech Sheet


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