AutoCBD  a third-generation autoflower hemp seed, has gone through rigorous testing and analysis by our team.

Our first Phylos Tested CBD industrial hemp variety is:

– Optimized: for CBD biomass
– Consistent: stable genetics deliver uniform plant growth
– Tested: genetic stability, germination rate, feminization, and chemotype profile
– Field-tested: agronomic support and trial data from over 35 sites around the US

With demonstrated market success in previous generations, this third-generation autoflower hemp seed has been rigorously tested and analyzed by experienced breeders, agronomists, and data scientists. This variety was field tested at over 35 sites across the US in the summer of 2019, with ongoing field trials through the end of the year to generate regionally-specific insights and cultivation recommendations.

– AutoCBD is a day-neutral hemp variety that produces CBD-rich flowers in an average of 75 days.  If plantings are staggered, harvest can be spread out.
– The compact and uniform female plants allow for more crop per acre, maximizing yield and return.
– Short time to maturity allows for multiple cycles annually in regions with long growing seasons.


2020 AutoCBD Replant Policy:
  • Up to 100% replant on crops failing to establish >75%
  • Replant covers up to 5 acres
  • Terms and Conditions Apply


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