A newer dwarf version of AS 9301. Stout stalks for excellent standability. Excellent for dry hay and rotational grazing. Exceptional regrowth and BMR 6 for high digestibility. Tolerates shorter cuttings. Recommended seeding rate: 25-30 lbs/A.

AS9302 is the first BMR-6, Brachytic dwarf hybrid sudangrass to hit the market. The BMR-6 gene adds high digestibility to a plant that has very fine stems and tremendous re-growth. The Brachytic dwarf trait adds a much tighter distance between internodes, allowing for a lower cutting/grazing height and better standability. The dry stalk trait allows for quick dry down, making this one of the most versatile forage products on the market.

  • Brachytic dwarf trait provides stout stalks for excellent standability
  • Excellent for dry hay and rotational grazing
  • Dry stalk for quick dry down
  • Exceptional re-growth and BMR-6 for high digestibility

AS9302 Tech Sheet


  • Medium Relative Maturity 55–65
  • Days to Boot Stage
  • BMR–6 Midrib
  • 22–25 Seeds/Lb (1,000) — check seed bag

Recommended Seeding Rates:

  • Vary depending on local growing conditions. Please see your Alta Seeds retailer for local recommendations.