A gene 6 BMR dwarf forage sorghum with superior standability and great nutrition. This hybrid is a full season product and is best used south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Recommended seeding rate: 80-100k/A. 110-115 days to soft dough direct harvest.

AF7401 represents the newest generation of hybrid forage sorghums. This product features a genetic combination of BMR-6 and Brachytic dwarf that enhances both productivity and efficiency. AF7401 has reduced internode length creating a compact, leafy and prolific plant. However, it will yield with taller sorghums due to the standability and tillering attributes of the Brachytic dwarf characteristic. Producers will have the best of both worlds, excellent forage qualities and a dependable high-yielding feedstock.

  • High yielding performance
  • BMR-6 for superior forage quality
  • Brachytic dwarf genetics provide stout stalks for excellent standability
  • Economical performance and efficiency

AF7401 Tech Sheet


  • Late Relative Maturity
  • 110–115 Days to Soft Dough Stage
  • BMR–6 Midrib
  • 15–20 Seeds/Lb (1,000) — check seed bag

Recommended Seeding Rates:

  • Vary depending on local growing conditions. Please see your Alta Seeds retailer for local recommendations.