4010 Peas

A high quality lavender flower forage pea with small seed size. Can be planted in spring or late summer. Plant is very tall (long-vined) and latematuring. Seeds have very durable seed coats and excellent seedling vigor. A small percentage will remain dormant (hard) and emerge in subsequent years. Therefore, it is important to avoid planting food-grade (yellow or green) pea varieties on ground planted to Arvika for up to 5-7 years.

If spring planted, harvest in about 60 days. High-protein forage for grazing or haylage/baleage, but supplement with hay or plant in a mix with oats, spring triticale, or spring barley for added effective fiber and a slower rate of passage. Good to mix with oats for a nurse crop for spring planted alfalfa.

Peas can do well on a variety of well-drained soils with approximately neutral pH. They prefer cool weather.

Cutting Management If planted with a small grain, harvest when the grain is at boot stage for best quality. Otherwise, harvest at flowering. Inoculate with KFBiotrigger Cover crop or Pea/Vetch Inoculant for best growth and nitrogen fixation.

4010 Peas Tech Sheet

Key Characteristics:

  • Spring forage pea, high tonnage and highly palatable
  • Ready for harvest in about 60 days
  • Tall vine type with purple flower
  • Recommended in a mix with oats, spring barley or triticale to add effective fiber
  • Grows best in cool weather
  • Good dual purpose cover crop or forage
  • Smaller seed size

Best Uses:

  • Haylage, Baleage, Grazing, Food Plots


  • Planting Dates: Early Spring or late Summer.
  • Seeding Rate: 80-100lbs/Acre
  • Seeding Depth: 3/4”- 1” Use the large seed box